Smartly Tips to Reduce Bias During the Hiring Process

Harvard Business Review cites that “fair hiring methods increase the level of productivity and innovation at your organization, and can even improve employee retention rates.” At Smartly, we believe that all candidates deserve a fair chance at being considered for roles they’re qualified for. Some common hiring biases include: age, disability, nationality, race, color, religion, and gender. Our hiring engine allows employers to evaluate candidates based on a candidate profile, which is designed to showcase: experience, skillset, and potential. In an effort to reduce unconscious bias, we give employers the ability to browse profiles without pictures or names. Check it out in Smartly Talent (log back in).

Smartly Feature to Reduce Bias
Access this setting in the “Preferences” section of Smartly Talent

Here are a few other ways you can reduce bias in your hiring process:

  • Implement a blind CV policy that omits name, gender, and nationality from candidates’ profiles. This helps ensure that a candidate is judged on their merits and achievements.
  • Establish a uniform vetting and interview process. Standardize questions, by using a uniform script. This helps ensure that candidates of all background are asked the same screening questions.
  • When asking personality and behavioral questions, be sure to ask questions that are gender neutral and test temperament required to excel in the role and a team setting.
  • Also, having multiple interviewers at each stage ensures a diversity of perspectives when it comes time to evaluate a candidate post-interview.

We hope these tips help you better evaluate our candidates and improve your hiring practices! Head back to Smartly to browse our candidates!

And, while we are in beta, your first hire is free!

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