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Quantic’s Weekly Roundup is a satisfying mix of the latest breaking news, business, STEM and social science stories. Here are your headlines for this week:

Taking Care of Business: COVID-19 has sparked a retail transformation in the UK, with more than 85,000 businesses launching online stores, according to new research from Growth Intelligence. Among the industries seeing the biggest transformation have been pharmacies, farms, fisheries and industrial food production companies.

Mask and you shall receive: Having trouble unlocking your phone with Face I.D. while wearing a mask? Creative New face coverings created by a San Francisco-based designer will remedy current challenges with facial recognition software. How? The company puts the “face” in face mask by customizing them to include the bottom half of the customer’s head.

What came first: the 3D-printed chicken or the egg? KFC is trying to create the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets, part of its “restaurant of the future” concept, the company announced. The chicken restaurant chain will work with Russian company, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, to develop bioprinting technology that will “print” chicken meat, using chicken cells and plant material.

Remote work has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Managers and executives around the world have been forced to adapt in order to lead their teams. Business leaders are calling for a significant public investment in programs that can upgrade the skills and training of American workers. 
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MBA Student, Matthew Young, MD, Esq., has already achieved national recognition in the fields of patient safety and healthcare quality. He is now making a career transition to be one of the trial lawyers at Ross Feller Casey, LLP, where he will represent patients and families who have been harmed by the healthcare system, a cause extremely close to his heart.


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