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Quantic’s Weekly Roundup is a satisfying mix of the latest breaking news, business, STEM and social science stories. Here are your headlines for this week:

Home sweet home: As people continue to self-quarantine during the coronavirus, there will be both short-term and long-term impacts for consumers and businesses. New behaviors are changing the way we view remote work, educational support, grocery shopping and even how we stream media. Some businesses and industries are seeing a boost from COVID-19 and this could remain even after the pandemic. 

Solutions in orbit: A German manufacturer, OHB-System, will begin construction of a satellite network to monitor greenhouse gas across the globe. This will help nations assess the scale of their own emissions. The satellites will build a global map every five days. The company plans to launch the spacecraft in 2025 and gain carbon dioxide reports by 2028. 

Come to my Window: With most people putting travel plans on hold for the indefinite future due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable if you’re feeling a bit of wanderlust. If you’re sick of gazing out of your own windows, you’ll want to check out Window Swap, a website that serves up random video window views from all over the world. 

Fountain of Youth: An AI startup, Gero, raised $2.2M in a series A funding to create a drug that slows down the aging process. The startup will use the new funds to further develop its AI platform for analyzing clinical and genetic data to identify treatments for chronic aging-related diseases, mental disorders, and slow down aging with experimental therapies.

The innovative, sustainable, and clean-lined architectural designs of Executive MBA Student, Stephen Kredell, have won countless awards. This year, he received global recognition when McLeod Kredell Architects was selected by Architectural Record as one of the top ten worldwide Design Vanguard firms.


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