Quantic’s Weekly Roundup

Quantic’s Weekly Roundup is a satisfying mix of the latest breaking news, business, STEM and social science stories. Here are your headlines for this week: 

The long road to red and blue: The most viral election map of 2020 was actually made by a Belgian man in 2019. Designer Karim Douïeb, who runs his own data visualization company, decided to update the map he was seeing in social posts. It bugged him because, like so many electoral maps, it framed thousands of miles of empty land as voting for Trump instead of representing the few people actually living in it. He created a more accurate representation, which depicted the actual count of red and blue votes in counties across the nation as simple circles, their size proportional to the number of votes.

Salt and lime not included: What started out as a Tesla April Fools joke became a reality… and is now sold out. The car company has created an agave-based tequila that runs buyers $250 a bottle. The spirit is sold in a bottle that resembles the shape of Tesla’s iconic lighting bolt logo. The tequila sold out within hours of being live on the website. 

What women really want: A London-based menopause startup secured £500K in funding to help support more than 13 million women in the UK. The menopause’ market potential largely remained untapped in the past, due to stigma and silence around it. With more startups now focusing on women’s health, the stigma surrounding menopause and other health matters has started to fade away. MPowder is an e-commerce startup that provides nutritional powders that tackle hormonal changes and provides women with insights, practices, and tools to empower them through menopause. 

A little “me time” and mediation: No matter where you live, it’s been a long week of US election and COVID-19 news. For those that need a mental health holiday, there’s an app for that. Whether it’s mediation, exercise, or better sleep, experts have designed platforms to calm our minds and reduce anxiety levels. Download one of these and start instantly de-stressing.


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