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The 10 Best Employee Retention Strategies for 2021

Your workers are leaving. That’s bad business. Employee turnover costs are pricey. Your competitors can swipe at them the next moment. You’ve got to do everything possible to retain your top talent. From actionable tips to a walkthrough on developing an employee retention plan, this guide covers all there is to creating and implementing effective … Continue reading “The 10 Best Employee Retention Strategies for 2021”

Discover the Employer Benefits of Tuition Reimbursement

People come and go — employee turnover isn’t some newfangled concept. Even the best companies will have a reasonable amount of layoffs, terminations, and resignations.  Yet, you’ll know you have a problem when you start spotting certain patterns that reveal out-of-the-ordinary work dynamics.  Are some of your top performers chronically dissipating?  Could this be down … Continue reading “Discover the Employer Benefits of Tuition Reimbursement”

10 Ways to Improve Employee Relations in 2021

Poor performance, absenteeism, and even the buzzword of the moment; toxic culture—these are all problems arising from wayward employees, right?  Wrong.  You, as management, are more likely the reason for such conduct.   But how did you get here—especially after you’ve tried your best to give your staff competitive pay and benefits?  The truth is, … Continue reading “10 Ways to Improve Employee Relations in 2021”

LEADERSHIPMarch 25, 2021
How to Build an Executive Leadership Development Plan

Running a company involves far more than just availing a specific good or service to the public. Indeed, it also requires more than simply convincing customers of your suitability and branding. To make your business sustainable in a highly volatile marketplace and ensure profits and longevity, your company – like all businesses – requires strategic … Continue reading “How to Build an Executive Leadership Development Plan”

8 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2021

Seeing your engagement strategies fail and your operational systems run amok is nothing new in times of change. Significant shifts in the labor market only exacerbate issues.  The great arena where corporations and top talent have been matching strengths has kept us on the edge of our seats for decades. Lately, it seems talent has … Continue reading “8 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2021”

CAREER PLANNINGFebruary 24, 2021
Expert Advice: Tips to Turn Your Dream into a Business

Quantic Alum, Dr. Lisa Bélanger is a keynote speaker, author and behavior change expert. She teaches professionals about healthy habits, mindfulness, productivity. Besides her accomplishments of running the Paris marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro, and being the mom of two wonderful children, she is also the founder of ConsciousWorks, an industry-leading consulting firm that integrates proactive mental … Continue reading “Expert Advice: Tips to Turn Your Dream into a Business”

FINANCEFebruary 19, 2021
Series A, B, C, Seed | Startup Funding Rounds Expert Guide

It’s a well-known archetype: the business idea so brilliant, so innovative, the sort that comes but once in a lifetime. A business idea that’s so actionable, it can scrabble its way up from a fledgling startup and blossom into a sizable business.  Most aspiring entrepreneurs believe that if they can carry themselves safely through and … Continue reading “Series A, B, C, Seed | Startup Funding Rounds Expert Guide”

EDUCATIONFebruary 10, 2021
The Benefits of an MBA for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Common folklore surrounding what it takes to start a business is awash with one familiar motif: the dropout-turned-billionaire entrepreneur.  Indeed, when enterprising individuals come of age and start contemplating business ideas, their dreams often adopt this narrative. For a long time now, a contrast has been cast between two groups of people. In one corner, … Continue reading “The Benefits of an MBA for Startups and Entrepreneurs”

CAREER PLANNINGFebruary 1, 2021
The Pros and Cons of Working for a Startup Company in 2021

Startup.  Does that word send shivers of fear or excitement down your spine?  Does the thought of working with a shiny and new business concept appeal or appall? As children, we were afraid of the dark, the monster under the bed, the neighbor’s big scary dog. It’s the unknowns that frighten us.  However, once we … Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Working for a Startup Company in 2021”

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